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How comes Leonardo (continued)
(by C. Marchetti)

Leonardo had an eagle eye and could go beyond the skills of the best Florence miniaturists of the time, who incidentally were his friends and neighbors. I would say his limit was in the range of a tenth of millimeter. He could use diamond tips, but it is time consuming. He must have used multiples and some photographic tool. The micros are millions and even if he did sleep little and worked frantically the task is monumental. In these cryptos ( they were well hidden as nobody seems to have seen them in 500 years) he mostly tells his very sad personal stories, especially the innumerable rapes he suffered from five wild guys when he was a little child in Vinci. Perceptive psychoanalysts like Stites and Essler, who tried to penetrate the enigma, found clear signs of violence, presumably sexual, and the necessity of rehearsing the facts in order to keep at bay the neurosis descending from them. They had not seen the micros, but the diagnosis was perfectly centered.

Leonardo knew all the tricks and pitfalls of vision and did use them to cheat the viewer so that many cryptos are macroscopic. He also did put some of them in special evidence so that a painting of him can be spotted from a distance. I call them 'flags' and needless to say I'm using them to spot Leonardo works. Yes, because as Vasari said, Leonardo did like expensive life, with servants, horses and travel, not to speak of his labs, but the trickle of income from his magnificent and publicized works was certainly too meager. I started searching for these pot boilers in rage because all museums did refuse the high definition photos of their Leonardos I needed for my research. In revenge I could now accuse the directors of these various museum of negligence and professional blindness as they could not even see a Leonardo hanging on their walls.

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